Joint Venture

Partnering with Lifestyle will be a unique experience for individuals or businesses as we probe in to every property for development with our potentials. We maintain transparency and trust-worthiness in the
co-promotional activities through our professional approach.

Together we can:

Lifestyle housing is a highly committed real estate developer based at Chennai and by choosing us for a joint venture development, you will be presented with a manageable and convenient asset. This eases the burden of property management by every individual within the same family and enjoys the ownership on their own terms.

By joining with us to sell a property you can be assured of the land value to be appreciated along with its components. If you opt to retain either a shop or office building, you stand to save 10% on the Stamp duty and registration charges since you already own the land. We re-brand your existing property by keeping in mind about your requirements and conveniences too.

Joint venture is one of the most lucrative investment options. By adding our brand equity to your land, you can be assured returns of more than the current market rate for the existing built-up area.

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